PharmaQO Injectable Superdrol 25mg/ml (Methyl-Drostanolone)


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Methyl-Drostanolone is an interesting compound, yet with limited research available for it. Originally produced in the 1950’s as a possible anti-tumour agent. It was found to have wild anabolic properties. In fact more so than it’s famous counterpart dbol. Superdrol is 4 times more powerful than methylest or test without an ester. 100% of it is used by the body in growth. Spikes of igf were noted in several studies, as 4 times that of natural production. This means Superdrol will make you huge. The lack of androgenic presence implies it won’t be as bioavailable to the SHBG and aggression strength increase will be generally moderate. Superdrol is methylated which means liver toxicity is high. Running tudca nac and liv52 are a must. Because its drostolone, you can expect little to no bloat and relatively no conversion. It’s 1/5th as androgenic as test which makes it possibly useful for women, though studies show dosing more than 10mg a day can lead to rapid pubic onset or virilization.

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