Intex Mtren-1mg/60tabs (Methyltrienolone)



Methyltrienolone 1mg/tab

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Methyltrienolone, also known as Metribolone or MT, is a compound with recognized applications in promoting muscle development and enhancing strength. It has garnered interest among certain segments of the fitness community, particularly bodybuilders and athletes seeking to augment their muscle mass and physical performance.

  1. Muscle Growth: Methyltrienolone can aid in the growth and development of muscle, resulting in an increase in muscle size and overall muscularity.
  2. Improved Recovery: It supports faster recovery of muscles after intense workouts, allowing individuals to engage in more frequent and rigorous training sessions.
  3. Enhanced Strength: Methyltrienolone may lead to increased strength levels, enabling individuals to lift heavier weights and perform more demanding exercises.
  4. Fat Management: While the primary focus is on muscle gain, it may also assist in managing body fat levels, contributing to a leaner physique.

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