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Aldactone’s very discriminating excretion of water and electrolytes from, also deliberately controls the sodium-potassium exchange. Its unusual capacity for retaining potassium, and thereby reducing the risk of muscular cramping, makes Aldactone particularly beneficial to pre-contest bodybuilders. Consequently, Aldactone’s actions work together to implicitly benefit athletes, bodybuilder’s, and recreational gym enthusiasts in the safe and effective reduction of internal fluids to reveal greater muscular definition and separation for contests, events, and other presentation-oriented activities.

The other primary athlete application for Aldactone is that of rapid weight loss. Many athletes such as boxers, wrestlers, MMA competitors, etc., participate in very specific weight classes, and administer products like Aldactone to quickly shed excess fluid weight prior to weigh-ins. Generally after meeting the weight requirements (i.e. ‘making weight’) such athletes rapidly rehydrate to their normal weight prior to the actual competition.

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