UNI-PHARMA BOLDENONE 250mg / 1ml (Boldenone Undecylenate)EXP 09/2019


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Boldenone is an oil-based anabolic steroid injection, to which is attached undecylenate ester due to a slower rate of release and half-life. It is a derivative of testosterone, which maintains its anabolic strength, but shows reduced androgenic strength compared to testosterone. Boldenone is particularly a veterinary product, originally designed for use in animals. Boldenone gained popularity among bodybuilders and athletes as less androgenic form of testosterone with less estrogenic activity than testosterone. Boldenone undecylenate was developed accidentally when trying to create a long-acting injectable form of methandrostanolone. This is the fact that clearly justifies why Boldenone is very mistakenly linked to the chemical affinity of nandrolone.

It is actually an injection form of methandrostanolone without a CH3 group. It brings slow, quality and sustainable gains without excessive water retention. Mentioned is also an increased pump effect and excessive ‘veiny look’ provided achievement of low% of fat. This AAS is used as in the diet, as well as volume. Most commonly used form is injection together with ester undecylenate, less frequent use is its propionate form and especially because it causes significant pain on the second day after the application, together with the influenza A condition which is often so unpleasant that it is almost impossible to finish the training. It not only increases protein synthesis, but also the level of erythropoietin, which increases the number of red blood cells and pump effect during training. With the use of this preparation, often mentioned are also increased appetite and glycogen levels. In regards of the side effects, it belongs to the group of very underrated anabolic steroids, although not an extreme, there is something to consider since it was a very little used AAS for human use in its injectable form.

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