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Testosterone Propionate 100 Mg/ml

Testosterone Propionate is a top selling product. It can be used as a base compound for both bulking and cutting cycles. Its characteristics help promote health and well-being through enhanced libido, increased fat loss, gaining and maintaining lean muscle mass. Its combination with additional fast acting compounds both injectable and oral make it a great addition of any potent fast acting cycle.

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2 reviews for PharmaQO TestoProp 100 Mg/ Ml

  1. Nick Shaw (verified owner)

    I purchased 2 x 10mls of this product and following 2no separate 100mgs I realised it wasn’t doing anything. Really disappointed

    • supremeadmin

      Hi Nick,

      How you were taking it?

      How many mg’s a day/week?

      Have you done a blood works before/after?

      PharmaQo products are lab tested regularly, and they are all dosed correctly, so for it not to be doing anything I suspect some other issues…

  2. Gaz Wils (verified owner)

    Unfortunately I would have to agree,purchased this for trt purposes,used usual dose of 120 mg a week every day shots and realised after a couple of weeks both test and e2 levels were dropping rapidly,upped dose to a point of 50mg a day and still nothing except severe pip,very disappointing considering it’s supposed to be tested

    • supremeadmin

      Hi, Thanks for your review, but why would you use a Test Propionate for a TRT propose. How many mg were you injecting a day? by the look of it, it wasn’t even 20mg a day? Did you inject it intramuscular or subcutaneous? Have you done your bloods before start taking it? and after? If so please provide us with the reports. Being honest Test p is fairly cheep compound, and non of the reputable brands trying to cut the corners and under dose it.

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