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Mildronate GX is a structural analogue of gamma-butyrobetaine, a substance contained in every cell of human organism. Under the conditions of excessive stress meldonium restores balance between oxygen supply and its demand in cells, and removes toxic metabolic products accumulated in cells protecting them from damage; it also possesses tonic effect. In the result of its application the organism receives the possibility to withstand stress and quickly restore its energy reserves.  Thanks to these properties Mildronate  GX is used for treatment of various cardiovascular system disorders and brain circulation impairment, as well as for improvement of physical and intellectual working efficiency. Decrease in carnitine concentration results in intensification of synthesis of γ-butyrobetaine which possesses vasodilating properties. In case of acute ischemic damage of myocardium, meldonium decelerates formation of necrotic zone, and reduces the duration of rehabilitation period.

In case of chronically impaired cardiac function, it improves contractive ability of myocardium, increases tolerance to physical stress, and reduces frequency of stenocardia attacks. In case of acute and chronic ischemic disturbances of cerebral circulation, it improves blood circulation in ischemia focus, and stimulates the redistribution of cerebral blood flow for the benefit of ischemic area. The drug eliminates functional disorders of nervous system in patients with chronic alcoholism in case of abstinence syndrome.


After having been taken orally, the drug is rapidly absorbed. Its bioavailability is 78%. Maximum concentration in blood plasma is reached in 1-2 hours after intake. It is metabolised mainly in liver with further formation of two basic metabolites excreted by kidneys. Period of half-excretion when taken internally depends on the dose and is 3-6 hours.



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