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TESTOSTERONE CYPIONATE is an oil based solution for IM injection designed to release testosterone slowly from the injection site. Testosterone serum concentrations remain elevated for 7-10 days after IM administration. Testosterone cypionate 250 is suitable for the treatment of hypogonadism and other disorders related to androgen deficiency. Testosterone cypionate 250 has both anabolic and androgenic effects. Testosterone supplementation has been demonstrated to increase strength and growth of new muscle tissue, frequently with increases in libido. CAS number 58-20-8. Dosation: 2500mg/10ml. The package has been changed.

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Company: Hilma Biocare
Active Half-life (Days): 12 days
Group: Anabolic Steroids
Subgroup: Injection
Dosage: 250 mg/ml
Application (Men): 250-1000 mg a week
Product pack: 10ml vial
Content (active): Testosterone Cypionate
Oil-based: Yes
Retains water: Yes
Aromatization: Yes

Product Description

Another well-known androgenic steroid among athletes and bodybuilders from all levels and sports disciplines. It was developed shortly after similar testosterone product enanthate; Testosterone Cypionate became popular in the late 1930s. Compared to its ancestor, Testosterone Cypionate has a longer active half-life, reducing injection frequency. Testosterone has proven its effectiveness through decades and remains the favourite AAS among bodybuilders throughout the globe.


By using Testosterone Cypionate, athletes can increase muscle gains, boost strength, and lift oxygen in the blood cells to stimulate faster muscle and bone tissue regeneration. Additionally, it promotes sexual well-being, stimulates positive emotional background, and accelerates fat burn.


The most common adverse reactions attributed to the Testosterone Cypionate are acne, temporary testosterone reproduction shutdown, raised Low-density cholesterol levels (LDL), and aromatization.


You should consider medication for prolactin level regulation when using this product. Additionally, consider including HGH, gonadotropin, boldenone, letrozole, exemestane or anastrozole to minimize side effects.


Testosterone Cypionate shows excellent results and can be safely applied with long esters and HGH.

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2 reviews for Hilmabiocare Testosterone Cypionate 250mg/10ml vial

  1. Jacob (verified owner)

    This is my first purchase from Supreme and would we would like to say that the ordering, payment using a bank transfer method and shipping was very good.

    I will give feedback on the product when I have started using it.

    I will definitely be using Supreme again.

  2. Jacob (verified owner)

    Excellent Cyp with good results.
    No PIP at all ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
    I really like this brand

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